Design Realities

Design Realities explores a wide range of topics on creativity, design and spiritual well-being. Using critique, rational inquiry and personal reflection, Stuart Walker looks squarely at our contemporary condition, demonstrates how current assumptions and material expectations are becoming untenable and, most importantly, offers constructive new directions that are feasible, spiritually enriching, and hopeful.

Comprising short essays, lyrical pieces, photo studies and longer discourses, this book takes us on a highly readable and enjoyable journey through some of the most pressing issues of our time. The innovative, intuitive format makes these topics readily accessible, while providing much food for thought about the changing nature of creativity in today’s world.

Written by a leading thinker in the field, this highly original book offers readers something to ponder, discuss, contest and build upon.

Professor Martyn Evans, Head of Manchester School of Art Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University

"Design Realities is excellent. It just makes so much sense! How it is, how it could be, and where we need to go, combined with having each written component broken into so many bite-sized chunks, makes it so easy to understand. … It really is a masterpiece."