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from 'Designing Sustainability: Making radical changes in a material world', Routledge, 2014

In summer 2015 Stuart Walker was interviewed by Tiago Krusse at Design Magazine

The best of both: A study of the feasibility of integrating scales of design and production for sustainable products, The Journal of Sustainable Product Design 3:135–147, 2003

from International Journal of Design for Sustainability ( IJSDes) vol 1, No 1, 2008

Sustainability - Creating the Culture, Fourth Annual International Sustainable Development Conference, Inverness, Scotland, 31st Oct 2007 – 1st Nov 2007

from 'The Handbook of Design for Sustainability', Bloomsbury, 2013, Revised 2021

Light Touch – The Design of Ephemeral Objects for Sustainability, The Journal of Sustainable Product Design 3:187–198, 2003